Our Life in Japan

A number of years ago, having received an invitation to lecture and do research for one semester at the National laboratory for High Energy Physics, we took our two teenagers and headed for Tsukuba, Japan. The children attended an all Japanese school but joined us as we visited some of the famous attractions around the country. They not only survived what must have been a difficult adjustment, but thrived, learning enough of the language to make many friends. Living with the people we were able to experience the culture in a way not available to the typical tourist.

This presentation differs significantly from the "old family style slide show" of the past. Using modern digital technology, it includes multiple soundtracks for narration and local background music, pan and zoom effects ala "Ken Burns" (Jazz, Baseball, The Civil War...on PBS), movie clips and animation. It is a truly multi-media show. 

We will introduce the program with a discussion of background information and follow it with a question and answer period. The program includes a brief review of the history of the area. Significant currents events may be included in the discussion. Our large size photographic prints of scenes from the show will be displayed and discussed.  The formal show runs 35-45 minutes and the total presentation from 60-90 minutes.


Some Images from the Show

(Note: Images appear at low resolution to minimize loading time.)