Thailand...Bangkok and Beyond

Thailand is an exotic country half way around the world.  The magnificent gold covered temples and palaces are beyond imagination, in stark contrast to the villages of the hill tribe people in the northern portion of the country. Come along through crowded, smoggy, traffic clogged but fantastic Bangkok, then journey north to visit the hill country people living  near Chiang Rai. In Chiang Mai…ride elephants through jungle and rivers.  

Using photographs taken during several visits, Carole and Richard Witkover produced a multi-media  audio-visual presentation which takes advantage of today's digital technology to weave still photos with movie clips and animation into a modern version of the slide show. Multiple sound tracks blend traditional Thai music with descriptive narrative.    

The program will begin with background information about Thailand including the history, and events pertaining to the area since our visit. Questions will be answered about the trip, the making of the slide show and the large size, award winning photographs which will be displayed.


Some images from the show